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Creating graphs and data visualization

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Creation of graphics and data visualization
Data visualization is an important method to present complex data and statistical results in a clear and understandable way. The aim is to create visual representations that make the results recognizable at a glance. This is exactly where the Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko comes in.
Leonardo Miljko's experts offer comprehensive advice and support in creating graphics and data visualizations. The needs of the customer and the requirements of the target group are taken into account. Whether bar charts, line charts or pie charts - the experts at Leonardo Miljko create professional and meaningful charts in seconds.
Particularly noteworthy is the creation of Levey-Jennings diagrams, which are widely used in medical diagnostics and laboratory technology. This is a chart for monitoring the quality of laboratory results. Leonardo Miljko's experts create these diagrams in seconds, thus ensuring fast and reliable laboratory quality monitoring.
Thanks to Leonardo Miljko's comprehensive advice and support in creating graphics and data visualizations, data and statistical results are presented in an understandable way. Customers can rely on professional and meaningful diagrams that can serve as a basis for decisions.
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Create a Levey-Jennings chart in seconds
Levey-Jennings diagrams are an important tool in hematology and medical diagnostics. They help to quickly identify and monitor deviations in laboratory results. But how do you actually create such a diagram?