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SPSS training (training in SPSS)

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SPSS training (training in SPSS)
IBM SPSS is often used in research, teaching and business. It can be used to implement simple analyzes through to multivariate processes.
Probably the best known and currently most frequently used statistical software system is SPSS from IBM. Widely used in academia, SPSS is also widely used by companies. Basically controlled via a visual user interface, this statistics software can also be operated via syntax programming.
The "Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Leonardo Miljko" pays particular attention to the fact that the course participants are trained independently with practical examples on the software. The course material is of course made available and can therefore also be used after the training. This guarantees that the participants can safely apply the content even after the course. Find out more about the SPSS training courses for the various levels. In the following you will also find information about our theory training courses and courses in other statistical software systems.