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Exploratory by name and exploratory by nature. EDA, rather than being a defined set of tools or techniques, 
 is a statistical philosophy aimed at realising the full potential of data without assigning strict models or making assumptions.
EDA allows the data to speak for itself, and through visualisation techniques we can determine which models may apply, which relationships may exist within it and what further questions it may hold.
EDA is an ideal way of exploring and understanding what may be complex systems. The outputs generated are often in terms of plots and designed such that they intuitively appeal to our natural pattern recognition abilities. As always, our consultants are always on hand to explain exactly what is going on should you need any further help.
Formal Statistical Analysis
Ranging from hypothesis testing to predictive modeling, formal statistical analysis is the purest form of statistics. Used when specific questions need to be answered, these analyses consider multiple variables and require detailed understanding of the question and the environment in which it applies.
Important Note
The most important aspect of any statistical work is making sure that the answer you are looking for can be solved using the question you have asked and the data you have collected!
If you are unsure that your study question can be answered by your data, we greatly encourage you to contact us and discuss your case with us. There is nothing worse than collecting data and then realising it doesn’t answer the question you want!

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